• Where the Change for the Better happens.

Qibbie Mobile creates digital platforms for engaging individuals, customers and employees to drive better results with improved customer experience and ease of service.


Get to know

Let your customer clarify  his/her needs and wishes with simple and natural automated dialogue. 


Serve easily

Guide your customers to the service/product they are looking for automatically - without asking filtered questions and using complex menus.


Follow-up and Feedback

Gather continuous results from customer's after service .feelings and results via easy-to-use app. 

Increase your productivity and focus on right things - 20 % of your daily actions create 80 % of results


High-performing individuals and companies concentrate on right things at the right time. Build a process, start doing, follow with discipline so that it all happens automatically. Then create the next steps, do and evolve. This is what Qibbies does and where it can help you and your team - being the clever coach in your mobile.


Measuring and feeling the pulse of teams or organisations needs to happen all the time. Qibbie is always-on, adjustable engagement and feedback channel ask daily or measure different things on different days during the week like:  
Am I happy today?
Have I done my tasks?
Has my supervisor supported me today?


Create a wellness program or challenge campaign like
Train for a marathon
Reduce my risk for diabetes

Qibbie is your coach so that you follow your plan and do the things that are essential. When you get better and things happen automated, then you can change your plan to jump to the next level. 

Continuous learning

Qibbie can provide you with micro-learning experience. Create your training program, watch a training video and track yours or your team's performance.